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Warranties of safety and legal support

Treatment in Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co" is not only comfortable but also safe, including from a legal point of view.

Documents that are signed by the Medical center and a patient are a guarantee for both you and the Center, that all the parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities and have also come to an agreement on all issues.

It's very important, because it is one thing when you show for a scheduled examination and make a decision, calmly without emotions, and another thing when you feel pain, when you are ready to do everything as quickly as possible to get rid of discomfort.

An informed consent is even of more importance in the cases when you are about to undergo implantation, prosthesis placement, restoration or dental surgery.

What information may a patient receive in the Medical center?

First of all, a patient is offered to have a look at information displaced on the Customer Information Board (including, a customer dossier).

As far as, the license provisions of medical practice are quite exigent, their compliance represents a key warranty for appropriate medical treatment.

It includes the respective qualifications of medical staff, requirements for material and technical equipment of offices of the Medical Center and implementation of constant quality management on all stages of medical treatment.

On the Customer Information Board you may review the following documents:

* list of services and their prices;

* list of dental specialties for which services are provided;

* list of dentists, who directly provide services, and their education and qualification levels;

* provisions that regulate the activities of the Medical center, procedure for disclosure of medical information and issuance of documents, procedure for the use of information subject to medical secrecy, procedure for compliance with quality requirements of medical treatment and its management;

* a detailed description of peculiarities of medical treatment provided by the Medical center;

* warranty responsibilities of the Medical center and the procedure of their application, etc.

It’s a considerable amount of information that patient receives.

That's why, for your convenience, we have prepared a document "Information for a patient".

It consists of briefs on the most important questions arising among patients in the process of medical care (regarding treatment plan, prices of services, warranty responsibilities, treatment of minor and underage persons, refusal of treatment, etc.).

This information has been elaborated on the basis of analysis and generalization of comments and suggestions of our patients.

You may take a printed document with you and look through it closely in a convenient time.

Prior to the start of the treatment, an Agreement on providing paid services, that regulates relations between patient and the Medical center in the process of medical treatment, is concluded.

In this document the basic concepts regarding provision of services, their peculiarities, terms for providing services, service’s advantageous effect occurrence, considering unpredictability and uniqueness of body of any person, are defined in details and in a manner that is comprehensible to a patient.

The necessity of signing an informed consent before providing services and special aspects of mutual approval of treatment plan are explained in the agreement.

We are clearly aware of the necessity of fully informing patients and their complete understanding of all aspects of services, payment and warranty support of medical treatment, provided by our Medical center.

That's why management, dentists, receptionists of the medical center are ready to work with patients, including their collaboration on drafting of the documents, in order to receive the desirable result - a healthy smile.

Having elaborated the dossier of documents, we wanted to inform patients of specific character and peculiarities of provided services, associated with health conditions, surgeries of the human body, being a unique and sometimes unpredictable system.

In such way we want to highlight that the success of our work depends to a large extent on a patient him-/herself, starting from truthful information on his/ her disease to timely visits and compliance with the dentist's recommendations.

You should remember that success is always a result of efforts of both parties participating in the process.

It's important!

Documents, drafted by the lawyers of our Center, are unique, being constantly amended taking into account the requirements of legislation in force and appropriate suggestions of patients.

What are the possibilities of the patients of the Center in protection of their rights in the case of need?

Any person is entitled to protect his/her rights and interests; it's an inviolable right of a citizen that is granted by the Law.

In our Medical center we adhere to a policy of saving time (for both patient and the Medical center), that is spent on pretentious and judicial means of protection.

We strive and make all efforts that a patient would not need to protect his/ her rights, that's why, we take all measures to solve all disputes by means of amicable settlement.

We value each our patients and their opinions, that's why we come to meet their appropriate suggestions.

What is it all about?

Situations concerning individual approval of provisions of an agreement, prices of services, warranties, terms of treatment, may arise in the working process from time to time.

We always listen to suggestions of patients and try to meet them taking into account conditions that depend on medical science, practice and are associated with patient’s health and peculiarities of clinical case.

If a compromise is not reached with a patient we still will try to offer a way out of conflict, but decision on the following case scenario depends completely on his/her choice.

I case of non-payment or late payment for the services a patient may pay by installments or postpone payments with no penalties charged.

Thus, the policy of the Medical center is oriented solely on meeting the interests of patients.

That's why, from the day of foundation of the Medical center we have never been sued by a patient and this is the highest rating of staff’s work.

How can a patient become convinced that he/she makes a right decision when choosing a clinic or a dentist?

* Patient should have a look at the license of the Medical center and list of specialties, with respect to which the license is granted. Such list should be published in the separate letter of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, rather than on the form of the license. The Medical center is obliged to place the letter on the Customer Information Board and provide it to a patient for review;

* patient is recommended to get acquainted with information on education and qualification level of a dentist, who will directly provide medical treatment;

* we always invite patients to ask questions regarding the incomprehensible aspects of provided services;

* all used equipment and materials are certified, registered and purchased officially. The corresponding certificates shall be provided upon request of a patient.

Certainly, everyone has a right to say that there is a human factor and such statement can have its own reasons, as far as humans participate in all process of medical treatment.

It's not only about medical staff, but also about a patient him/ herself and peculiarities of his/ her body.

That's why, the making of right and timely appropriate decisions in case of unforeseen situations is an important part of our work - we love it and are proud of our patients’ trust.

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