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Cost of services of the center

New services
Dental treatment while sleeping (anesthesia – 1.5 hours)
3000 UAH
DSD (Digital Smile Design)
400 UAH
PRP therapy
from 1507 UAH
Dental implant positioning with the use of surgical guides (see block “Surgery”)
Initial inspection, filling out a clinical and functional questionnaire, definition of hygiene indicators
550 UAH
Periodontological examination
6000 UAH
Diagnosis in the articulator (production of gypsum models, articulation,
bite registration, arc overlay)
3700 UAH
Condylography with the use of software and hardware complex Cadiax-4
10000 UAH
Diagnosis of joint vibration (JVA)
500 UAH
X-ray pictures (orthopantomography, teleradiography)
550 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
150 UAH
Comprehensive dental cleaning (ultrasound, Air flow, remineralization, Tooth Mousse)
1350-1750 UAH
Whitening (Opalescence system)
from 2500 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
150 UAH
Microscope-assisted root canal treatment (1 root canal)
4000 UAH
Tooth restoration
from 3000 UAH
Photopolymer filling
from 1200 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
150 UAH
DSD (Digital Smile Design)
400 UAH
Silicone impression
380 UAH
Alginate impression
200 UAH
Wax-Up wax modeling (upper jaw, lower jaw)
4500 UAH
Temporary crown (direct method)
480 UAH
Temporary crown (laboratory method)
600 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown
from 3500 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on implant
from 4500 UAH
Zirconium oxide crown
from 5500 UAH
Ceramic crown (E-max)
from 6800 UAH
7500 UAH
Joint splint
from 3500 UAH
Computer-assisted analysis of the occlusion (Т-Scan)
1000 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
150 UAH
from 100 UAH
STA Computer Assisted Anesthesia System
100 UAH
Tooth removal
from 750 UAH
Tooth removal (atypical)
from 2500 UAH
Frenuloplasty of tongue
from 1000 UAH
Surgical guide (designing and printing) for 1 implant
from 2200 UAH
Dentis (South Korea) Dental Implant Placement
11500 UAH
Mega Gen (South Korea) Dental Implant Placement
13500 UAH
Ankylos (Germany) Dental Implant Placement
17000 UAH
Straumann (Switzerland) Dental Implant Placement
18700 UAH
AlphaBio (Israel) Dental Implant Placement
11500 UAH
Operation of implant opening
from 5000 UAH
Maxillary sinusotomy
10000 UAH
Close sinus lift procedure
from 7500 UAH
Open sinus lift procedure
from 13500 UAH
ЛFlap surgery (1 tooth)
from 2800 UAH
Vector-therapy (4 teeth)
1280 UAH
PRP therapy
from 1507 UAH
Subgingival scaling (8-9 teeth), quadrant
900-3000 UAH
Subgingival scaling (2-6 tooth), sextant
800-2000 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
200 UAH
Oral cavity hygiene
310 UAH
Treatment of caries in milk teeth
350–550 UAH
Milk teeth pulpitis, periodontitis treatment
450–600 UAH
Remineralization (1 tooth)
230 UAH
Treatment of caries in permanent teeth
630 UAH
Fluoride therapy (1 tooth)
335 UAH
Fissure sealing (1 tooth)
590 UAH
Specialised medical consultation
250 UAH
Ceramic braces
17750 UAH
Sapphire braces
18750 UAH
Metal braces
13120 UAH
Follow-up visit
400–1300 UAH
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