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Children’s dentistry (pediatric dentist, treatment of milk teeth)

Many parents want to know when they should take their kid to a dentist.

Specialists recommend to carry out an examination when the first teeth erupt, even if nothing disturbs a child.

Oral cavity conditions and development of maxillofacial system must be controlled by pediatric dentist – this is the only way to prevent diseases (caries, gingivitis) and formation of malocclusion.

Proper treatment of teeth in children

Attitude of a child, then a teenager and a grown up towards their teeth, dentists and oral care treatment depends on that how the first visit to a dentist will be carried out.

That's why in "Dentist&Co" center the first acquaintance with a dentist is conducted in a form of game, and a child would remember an interesting adventure rather than an examination.

Almost all of our dental procedures are carried out in a painless way, and our pediatric dentists perfectly get along with their little patients.

They can watch cartoons or their favorite programs during treatment of milk teeth.

We guarantee that the next time your kid will also visit "Dentist&Co" with pleasure.

Friendly children's dentistry in "Dentist&Co".

Our specialist delicately carry out:

* occlusion correction;

* prevention of oral cavity diseases (ozone therapy, sealing of pits and fissures of milk and permanent teeth, application remineralization, deep fluoridation, etc);

* treatment of milk and permanent teeth (ozone therapy, ART-technique, dental interventions without dentist's drill, fillings with the use of modern materials, use of colored fillings with glitter effect, restoration, etc);

* treatment of gums (pulpitis and periodontitis);

* radiovisiograph examinations (the minimal x-ray exposure to an organism provides the maximal informativeness of image);

* extraction of milk/permanent teeth.

Your frequently asked questions:

1. Why do milk teeth decay?

The acid balance of saliva can change and affect their conditions.

Caries develops due to the disbalance of calcium metabolism and lack of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins in child's nourishment.

The most common reasons are malocclusion, abuse of carbohydrates and noncompliance with the basic rules of hygiene.

2. Why is treatment of milk teeth necessary, as they will shed anyway?

It's a common misconception! Untreated or damaged teeth frequently become a source of chronic infection, that can harm a germ of a permanent molar and become a potential cause of gastritis, ulcer of stomach, change of occlusion, constant headaches, maxillary sinusitis and so on.

Besides, there is a high chance of decay of the neighboring teeth.

Children's dentistry can prevent all of the mentioned above.

The key point thing is to keep an eye on the state of your child's oral cavity, for example, to control whether kid's milk teeth shed on time and on their own, and, if necessary, take him/ her to a specialist.

3. What does it mean that "Milk tooth fall out before the time"?

If more than a year has passed from the moment of loss of milk tooth to eruption of permanent one, it means that it fall out ahead of time, and such situation cannot be ignored.

4. How do conditions of milk teeth influence a body?

* they are an important part of digestion system, and loss of even one milk tooth can cause diseases of GI tract;

* their premature loss or removal may cause formation of malocclusion, since permanent molars may erupt there where they shouldn't, trying to replace the vacant space;

* deformations of dentition provoke defects of diction, because teeth ensure regular pronunciation; that can create psychological problems in kid, interfere his/ her normal communications and development.

5. How to prevent development of caries?

It's necessary to get your child to take care of oral hygiene from the earliest age. Do not delay treatment of teeth in children.

If problem occurs, visit your pediatric dentist, he/she may recommend to carry out sealing of fissures of milk teeth or their treatment with fluoride.

These procedures are painless and they will protect your child for a long time. A dentist may also carry out remineralization of dental enamel – teeth covering with special secure varnish.

And off course, bring your child for a visit to a dentist twice a year. This recommendation should be applied to adults too.

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