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Optical impressions (digital impression of teeth, optical impressions of teeth)

Оптические оттиски (цифровой оттиск зубов, оптические оттиски зубов)

Not so long ago manufacture of artificial dental crowns required a lot of patients' time and patience, as well as specialists' particular accuracy and craftsmanship.

Digital technologies have solved many problems in dentistry.

Now it's possible to receive a dental prosthesis within one day, avoiding all discomfort feelings that have been present when impressions were manufactured by means of traditional methods.

3D-modeling of teeth, CAD/CAM technologies

3D-моделирование зубов, CAD/CAM технологии

A beautiful Hollywood smile is a dream of many people.

Application of 3D-modeling in dentistry has allowed to make it comes true.

This technology allows to manufacture precise crowns, veneers, and inlays; carry out a complete occlusion analysis in order to get better correction of bite, prosthesis and implantation of teeth.

Digital Smile Design (Esthetic dentistry, Digital Smile Design)

Цифровой дизайн улыбки (Эстетическая стоматология, Digital Smile Design)

Do you want to know the future look of your smile after reconstruction of dentition, correction of teeth' forms, dimensions and placement, after whitening?

Digital Smile Design will help you in that.

New computer technologies allow to see a final result even before the start of restoration of teeth and treatment of oral cavity, discuss with a dentist your wishes and make necessary changes.

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