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DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center - Family Dentistry

If you do not have a perfect smile, but wish to correct it, you are welcome to the DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center.

We provide therapeutic, surgery, orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment.

We also provide qualified service to resolve different dental problems.

Professional doctors and state of the art equipment will ensure quality and painless comprehensive dental treatment.

The key concept of our clinic is Family Dentistry.

We provide dental services to the patients of different ages.

So, many families apply to our clinic for dental care. Specific doctors are assigned to each patient.

The benefit of this approach is doctor’s awareness of patient’s health and this will ensure the best treatment result.

Besides, knowledge of family diseases helps to prevent development of congenital diseases.


Among various Kyiv clinics DENTIST&CO is characterized by the following benefits:

Our highly qualified specialists provide thorough examination and the required treatment;

* State-of-the-art equipment and technological infrastructure are used to ensure correct diagnostics and medical conclusions;

* The new technologies and advanced methods allow doctors to perform treatment of any complexity;

* We use dental materials of the highest quality confirmed by state certificates;

* We apply individual approach to each patient to ensure relevant treatment;

* Our friendly personnel provide high-quality dental care;

* We are located in the new comfortable premises, the patients, including children, enjoy staying here;

* Optimum pricing policy and flexible system of settlements make the prices for dental services acceptable.


DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center offers a full range of services to ensure beauty, health and functionality of the mouth.

We perform complex diagnostics using the state-of-the art equipment. Our doctors use innovative microscopes and lasers that ensure accurate operations.

When needed, our doctors perform surgery of any complexity: from tooth extraction to autotransplantation of bone blocks.

We use the new technologies and advanced materials for orthopedic treatment that allows us to reduce the time of treatment and minimize the discomfort of the patients.

Our new cosmetology office will provide you the esthetic pleasure to see your reflection in the mirror.

All medical procedures are performed according to medical indications to ensure patient’s safety.

High-quality equipment and experienced doctors guarantee the painless treatment.


This is an opinion of most of our customers, who have applied to DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center over ten years.

You can also join our customers and become a happy owner of the beautiful and healthy smile.

Please call us: and set up an appointment with a doctor.

Having applied to our clinic, you will get several benefits:

* Professional dental services of any complexity;

* You would need to undergo only necessary analysis, procedures and manipulations;

* Painless treatment;

* Efficient treatment results: healthy teeth, gums and beautiful smile;

* There are no queues in our clinic, so, you will save your time;

* Acceptable prices and updated loyalty program;

* You may use your insurance policy.

We value our customers and our reputation.

So, we offer you high-quality services.

Happy smiles of our customers prove that it is true.

Dental services provided by DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center will help you to forget about toothache and visiting the doctor will be always a pleasure.

4-th floor, 44-B Y.Konovalets str. Kyiv, Ukraine

(044) 285-44-55

(067) 44-007-44