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3D-modeling of teeth, CAD/CAM technologies

A beautiful Hollywood smile is a dream of many people.

Application of 3D-modeling in dentistry has allowed to make it comes true.

This technology allows to manufacture precise crowns, veneers, and inlays; carry out a complete occlusion analysis in order to get better correction of bite, prosthesis and implantation of teeth.

By means of three-dimensional visualization a dentist may demonstrate result and if required by a patient to make necessary corrections.

The purpose of the 3D-modeling of teeth is a fast and efficient procedure of restoration of dentition.

Thanks to the new technologies, prostheses, onlays and veneers are manufactured with the highest precision, so they do not cause any discomfort from the first days of placement.

The software demonstrates a model of tooth- replacement structure in the smallest details, taking into account the individual peculiarities of every patient.

It allows a dentist to plan the whole process of orthopedic treatment for improving of functionality and esthetics of oral cavity.

How does 3D technology work?

A dentist takes digital pictures of maxillofacial area in different projections, performs computed tomography (CT), and scans models of patient’s dentition.

After that, all these data are processed in the special software, which models the shape and dimension of dentofacial system.

It allows to precisely evaluate conditions of soft and bone tissues, determine localization and density of contacts.

A specialist conducts designing of a new dentition, considering various nuances and predicting a look of a new smile.

Then a dental milling machine linked to a computer mills prostheses from glass-ceramics, whole porcelain, as well as crowns from zirconium or titanium.

Advantages of 3D-modeling of teeth:

* accuracy – a computer software captures all anatomical peculiarities of a body and creates an identical image;

* safety – a three-dimensional model allows to look on a dentofacial area under different angles, which in its turn ensures the rights placement of implants without damaging the roots of healthy teeth, nerves, vessels, and sinuses;

* quality – a robotized equipment mills crowns, veneers, and inlays, that perfectly fit patient without causing inconvenience;

* speed –manufacture of prostheses in a mechanical way is carried out more quickly that it is done manually by a dental technician;

* usefulness – visualization of look of teeth minimizes esthetic problems allowing a dentist and a patient to see the result, agree it and, if necessary, make changes.

CAD/CAM technology in dentistry

This is a unique combination of creation of three-dimensional model of dentofacial system (Computer-aided Design, CAD) and computed manufacture of prostheses (Computer Aided Manufacturing, CAM).

An intraoral scanner is used for taking optical impression.

Many dentists, as well as the specialist of “Dentist&Co”, use the CAD/CAM technology, because it provides long-lasting esthetic prosthetic constructions.

Moreover, an automated manufacture of crowns and veneers decreases expenses for such procedures.

CAD/CAM- technology is performed in several stages

1. Preparation of teeth and gums for treatment (professional cleaning and sanitation, preparation and restoration of abutment teeth).

2. Getting information by means of oral cavity scanning.

3. Data processing and planning of solving of problems of dentofacial system, considering peculiarities of occlusion, functionality and esthetic demands of a patient.

4. File transfer from a computer to a dental milling machine, where a prosthesis is milled from a ceramic block.

5. A ready restoration structure is tinted by special paints, coated with glaze, baked in a ceramic oven and implanted to a patient just in one day.

By means of CAD/CAM technology a specialist can create high quality restoration or ceramic crowns, onlays, inlays, abutment structures for teeth and dental implants or veneers.

“Dentist&Co” makes gift of a perfect smile

In the Dentistry and Esthetic Center 3D-modeling is quite popular with both patients and dentists.

The software is easy to use, while visualization of result allow to assess the correctness of treatment even before its start.

It provides time- and money saving for clients.

Our experienced specialists use the modern equipment for creation of optical impression and three-dimensional models of oral cavity.

In our work we listen to patients’ suggestions, that’s why they leave us with cheerful smile.

Reasonable prices for 3D-modeling of teeth is one of advantages of “Dentist&Co”.

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