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Digital Smile Design (Esthetic dentistry, Digital Smile Design)

Digital Smile Design (Esthetic dentistry, Digital Smile Design)

Do you want to know the future look of your smile after reconstruction of dentition, correction of teeth' forms, dimensions and placement, after whitening?

Digital Smile Design will help you in that.

New computer technologies allow to see a final result even before the start of restoration of teeth and treatment of oral cavity, discuss with a dentist your wishes and make necessary changes.

Digital Smile Design was developed by a cheerful Brazilian Christian Coachman in order to make people more beautiful and happier. In his work he combined esthetics and functionality.

The team of "Dentist&Co" also applies the up-to-date technologies in esthetic dentistry, including Digital Smile System (DSS) software.

Digital Smile System

By its means it is possible to easily model a smile and make a plan of necessary dental manipulations (teeth restoration, change of old crowns, veneers placements, implantation, and prosthetics).

It essentially saves time and finances, and gives a patient a possibility to directly participate in designing of his/ her appearance.

We invite you to participate in a combined creative work.

How is individual modeling of smile performed?

First of all, a dental orthodontist listens to a patient's wishes, then he/ she takes a number of portrait-images (with and without smile, in profile and full face).

A computer software, based on "rule of golden section", performs analysis of DSD-photos and suggests several variants of digital smile design that perfectly fits physiological and esthetic aspects.

A client may choose the most preferable model.

Then a dental technician gets involved in the work.

This specialist creates an individual Wax-up model from wax, and a dentist transfers it to the oral cavity by means of special Mock-up technology.

It allows to "try on and test" a smile for some time, making sure that it fits you in regards of comfort and functionality.

After evaluation of results a patient and a dentist are to make a decision on an optimal variant for creation of a dream smile, being crowns, veneers and other prosthetic structures.

Advantages of Digital Smile Design:

* complete result's compliance with the previously developed model;

* possibility to choose a desired color, form and placement of teeth;

* precise software analysis allows a dentist to supervise the course of treatment on different stages and make correction to it if necessary;

* quick data transfer to the dental technician laboratory;

* mutual understanding between a patient and a dentist on the algorithm of treatment, restoration, prosthesis or implantation for obtaining the needed result.

Everyone can experience a positive effective of esthetic dentistry

Procedure of individual smile modeling requires to take into consideration such patient's characteristics as age, gender, peculiarities of dentofacial build, features.

Besides, it's very important to choose the working material, with which teeth color, their shine and form will be close to natural and then they will harmonically match person's appearance.

Where is digital smile design performed?

Keeping in step with time, Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co" applies innovative Digital Smile Design technique.

It demonstrates result after having dealt with various problems of dentition (uneven and darkened teeth, or their absence, old filling), that's why our patients are confident during their visit to a specialist, because they know that they will leave with beautiful Hollywood smile.

Esthetic dentistry will change your life for the better.

You will put off your fears and complexes about your appearance and will smile more often!


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