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Dental center on Pechersk

Dear friends!

Implantologing center (Dental center on Pechersk) celebrated its 10th anniversary and having reached this milestone we decided that it's high time for changes.

It's our great honor to introduce to all of you our new name and to present new capabilities of the renewed Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co".

We have been making preparations for this event, so today we are ready to offer new services and an updated loyalty program.

Our staff is also bolstered by new specialists, who will certainly reinforce our professional team that is so well-known to you.

The only thing unchanged is our desire to develop, to improve technical facilities, to master new technologies, to make treatment safe and comfortable – being simply the best one for you.

We are proud of the fact that we can be named a family clinic as there are people of different generations among our patients.

And now we are offering special conditions for our little clients (children's dentistry).

Our model of fully integrated dentistry services from prophylaxis to dental implantation has received a new approach.

From our point of view, health, functionality, aesthetics are perceived as parts of the whole, and beauty can also be considered a medical category.

That's why from today, in line with our traditional services, we will be dealing with unique ones – gnathology, Digital Smile Design (DSD), microscope-assisted endodontics.

In the nearest time you will also take an opportunity to get cosmetology services - a specialized room will have been already opened by the beginning of January 2017.

In other words, we want that every our service would be healthful, functional and aesthetic, as well as, which is more important, timely and long lasting.

Safety is also one of our priorities.

"Dentist&Co" guarantees:

- up-to-date technologies and methods of dental prosthetics, treatment and implantation;

- use of the certified dental materials of the latest generation;

- quality assurance on all types of dental prosthetics and treatment;

- quality control on all stages of the dental procedures;

- infection safety measures, totally painless procedures, accuracy of indications;

- legal counseling.

We are also working on development of affiliate programs with banks and insurance companies with the purpose to widen your possibilities and to offer you a really flexible payment system.

Our company has an excellent history, highly professional team, up-to-date equipment and decent set of clients.

You can ask: "Why have you decided to change yourself?"

Our many years experience has also made of us psychologists and we perfectly understand your feelings when visiting a dentist.

We want you to feel calm and safe that's why we have chosen a common name that evokes trust – "Dentist&Co". Considering the fact the a person and a family have always had an own trustworthy and understanding dentist.

Come and see yourself: all changes are for better at "Dentist&Co".

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We work seven days a week

monday - saturday -
8:30 - 21:30

sunday -
10:00 - 18:00

Information communication with duty administrator also carried out on holidays and weekends.

Admission is by appointment only.

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