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Gnatology (Gnatology in Kiev)

As the practice shows, many customers who applied to DENTIST&CO for the first time, in the past had negative experience related to dental prosthetics or tooth filling.

Most patients in such situation need a consultation of a gnatologist.

Also it is necessary to apply to this specialist if you have persistent toothache when an obvious cause cannot be identified.

Sometimes it is related to the spine condition, persons' breathing and bad habits.

Or vice versa, the causes of pain in feet and collar zone, migraine and noise in the ears could be not only osteochondrosis or blood pressure changes, but also dysfunction of temporo-mandibular joint.

Some people do not pay attention how they clench their teeth and tense masticatory muscles during stress.

As a result, the teeth get ground and get loose and pain occurs because of nerve entrapment.

Thus, a person cannot chew normally or even open a mouth.

Gnatologist knows why the mandibular system has failed and how serious the problem is.

This knowledge allows this specialist to define an accurate diagnosis and his colleagues (exodontist, orthopedist, orthodontist) can perform surgery, correct dental occlusion or make dental implant that will be best for you.

Gnatology is a new field of dentistry that studies functionality of the dentofacial system.

It works at the intersection of new scientific directions (osteopathy, kinesiology) and such traditional areas as otolaryngology and neurology.

You should note, if the treatment or restoration has been performed correctly, you would not need to get used to the filling or implant, feel discomfort or inconvenience.

How often is it necessary to visit a gnatologist?

There is no need to visit a gnatologist regularly, but if you have some negative symptoms, please inform your general dental practitioner about them and he/she may assign a consultation with the gnatologist.

Do not ignore the alarming symptoms:

* muscle pain in the area of face, neck or shoulders;

* popped ears, buzzing in ears;

* discomfort during joining teeth together after dental intervention;

* clicking of jaw and joints in the area of ears;

* teeth grinding at night.

At a consultation with a gnatologist

What peculiar features does patient’s jaw have? To answer this question, define a diagnosis and make a treatment plan, a dentist-gnatologist performs integrated functional diagnostics and X-ray examination.

Splint therapy will allow the gnatologist to remove discomfort and restore the right position of the jaw.

The doctor may prescribe to a patient to use mouth guards and dental trainers before or after prosthetics, since they will help to restore muscle work.

While performing prosthetics the orthopaedist and orthodontist also interact with the gnatologist to ensure that the load on the jaws has been distributed evenly.

Please note! Mouth guards and dental trainers will help to make the orthodontic treatment effective and painless.

First of all, it concerns children. An orthopaedist-gnatologist can help to identify the problem, timely restore musles tone and prevent possible disalignment.

In the past overcrowding of the teeth was considered an inevitable consequence of child narrow jaw.

Actually, the jaws may be adapted, it nothing prevents their growth, but muscles dysfunction can hinder dentofacial system development.

In this case, the jaw should be expanded with the help of integrated treatment or a brace.

If you need a consultation with a gnatologist in Kyiv, please apply to DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center.

Our specialists will help you to resolve your problems!

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