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Orthodontic treatment (orthodontists, correction of occlusion, bracket systems)

Correction of occlusion or misaligned teeth is neither a new problem, nor a unique one.

At first sight, this is an aesthetic problem that can be considered as a small defect or even as some nice "irregularity".

However, it's not that simple, and consequences depend on the degree and type of deformation of the dentition:

* an increased caries risk;

* a considerable periodontal disease risk, including chronic stage of the disease;

* disorder of physical process of chewing food and, consequently, GI problems;

* possible visible dislocation of jaw and facial asymmetry;

* in case of uneven teeth alignment, adults are harder to undergo orthodontic treatment, prosthesis or implant placement;

* swallowing problems are quite possible;

* people with deformed teeth more often suffer from ENT-diseases.

Correction of dentition and placement of bracket system in children

Certainly, it's easier to detect a problem in childhood, while the most appropriate age for correction of occlusion is from 5 to 11 years.

That's why, we strongly recommend parents not to ignore regular visits to a pediatric dentist.

Our orthodontists offer young patients removable brackets: they can be worn 24/7 or taken off for eating, teeth brushing and sleeping.

Children with milk or changing occlusion are recommended to undergo preventive procedures, that will allow to normalize muscle functions, which are "responsible" for shaping of jaw bones, as well as will help to give up bad habits.

We are talking about removable orthodontic devices (they should be worn for 14 hours a day) and multifunctional dental trainers (they are used at night and for three hours a day).

Orthodontic treatment of adults

"Dentist&Co" specialists will help to align your teeth by means of both traditional bracket systems and more advanced modern systems.

We can offer you different options that vary from manner of fastening (inside or outside of jaw), to materials (metal, ceramic, plastic, self-ligating, sapphire, etc.).

Our orthodontists will offer you all the necessary help:

* correction of occlusion and irregular teeth alignment;

* preliminary preparation (correction of unwanted displacement or inclination of teeth);

* orthodontic treatment of patients with defects of dentition, complicated by dentofacial deformities.

Another option for patients with malocclusion is transparent aligners, or so-called "invisible braces".

They are a special set of polymeric removable devices that are individually modeled for each patient.

Occlusion correction by means of aligners takes from six months to two years depending on situation.

They should be worn constantly and taken off only for eating and teeth brushing.

As a rule, mouth guards are worn in pair: for upper and lower jaws.

Being practically invisible, they completely cover patient's teeth and correct their placement by gradually "moving" them to the more exact position.

After having reached the result and taken aligners off a orthodontist securely fixes teeth in the right position by means of special retainers.

We have all necessary possibilities and solutions at our disposal for correction of occlusion or misaligned teeth.

"Dentist&Co" specialists have an experience of work in cases of the most complicated abnormalities and with patients of different age groups.

Your smile will be perfect!

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