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Dental orthopaedic treatment

Loss of teeth represents not only an esthetic problem, but also entails disorders of dentofacial system.

Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co" offers dental orthopaedic treatment for restoration of integrity and functionality of dentition.

Modern prosthetics techniques and quality materials, used in our clinic, will bring back your beautiful smile.

Why is dental prosthetics necessary?

In the case of long-term absence of a tooth or several teeth, displacements of the neighboring ones occur.

With the course of time, they can not only get deformed, but also decay due to severe overload.

At the same time surrounding tissues (paradontium) get damaged too, height of occlusion changes, which, in its turn, affects TMJ conditions.

Besides poor functioning of masticatory and speaking apparatus causes gastro-intestinal diseases.

Restoration of integrity of dentition will help to preserve health and beauty.

Restoration of damaged teeth and replacement of absent teeth are carried out by means of removable and fixed dentures.

The latter includes placement of:

* stump inlays;

* temporary crowns;

* porcelain or composite veneers;

* metal-ceramic, pressed ceramic and zirconium oxide based crowns on the patient's own teeth or implants;

In case of removable prosthetics, clasp (arc), laminar and nylon dentures are used.

They are attached to the abutment teeth, can be easily removed and serve for a long time.

In addition, it is the fastest and most money-saving way to restore dentition.

When all teeth are missing the oral cavity esthetics can be renewed with removable dentures relying on implants.

They are closely attached to the abutments or dental bars, that's why they do not cause discomfort.

Indications for dental orthopaedic treatment with the use of implants:

* free-end (unilateral or bilateral) or abounded edentulous space;

* one missing tooth;

* complete absence of teeth.

Implantation allows to create a reliable dental construction, teeth look natural and patients feel them just like their own.

Dental orthopaedic treatment also involves Wax-Up wax modeling of teeth.

It allows a dentist to precisely place the dentures, and a patient to see the final result and correct teeth shape and size on his her sole discretion.

The most up-to-date and safe dental prosthetics technologies are used at Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co".

Our dentists carry out a thorough diagnosis of the dentition and recommend the appropriate way to restore it.

We also individually select anesthesia options to ensure that the procedures are safe and painless.

At our center there is an own laboratory, fitted with all the necessary equipment, where crowns, veneers and dentures are being made.

Therefore, we are confident of the high quality of materials and dental constructions, as well as provide a guarantee on dental implantation and prosthetics, performed by our specialists.

Entrust us with your smile, and we'll make it flawless.

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