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Hygiene and Prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning, the natural teeth color, ultrasound tools)

In DENTIST&CO Dentistry and Esthetic Center we always pay attention to dental hygiene and prophylaxis.

This is obvious, because among our patients there are many families with the children of different ages and they need to be educated about the dental care.

A dental hygienist is dealing with these issues as well prophylaxis of different oral cavity diseases (caries, pulpitis and periodontitis).

A dental hygienist performs the following activity:

* examination;

* identification of teeth and gum problems;

* defining an algorithm for dental prophylaxis;

* remineralization therapy (strengthening teeth enamel with the help of different mineral components);

* professional teeth cleaning;

* selecting products for dental and oral hygiene as well as providing instructions on its use;

It should be noted that a visit to a dental hygienist will help to identify many problems that have been hidden behind the dental calculus and plaque.

Besides, elimination of some diseases could provide higher quality of tooth filling and as a result prolong the life of fillings.

It is easy to have a snow white smile

Due to scientific and technological breakthrough in dentistry, we may use at home such excellent products as whitening gel Opalescence boost.

The efficacy of this product can be increased with the help of special whitening lamp. However it would take some time to get a visible result.

A visit to a dentist can help you to get the natural teeth color without the pain.

Please note! Professional teeth cleaning is performed as prophylaxes of the oral cavity diseases and strengthening the immune system and gastrointestinal tract and ENT organs.

Frequency of this procedure depends on the individual characteristics and the mode of life of the patients.

As a rule, it should be performed once in six months and for smokers and those who drink much tee and coffee it should be performed once in a quarter.

Visiting a dental hygienist is necessary for pregnant women, since during pregnancy much calcium is used and its shortage may have negative impact on the teeth.

Hormonal changes may influence on pregnant women’s oral health: color and configuration of the gum may change, bleeding may occur or increase and a smell from the mouth may occur.

We would like to recommend pregnant women to visit a general dental practitioner no less than once in three months.

In DENTIST&CO pregnant women teeth are cleaned only with the help of manual tools without ultrasound tools and sandblasting not to harm the fetus.

Hygiene is required for good health

We recommend to the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment (correction of dental occlusion). to make regular visits to a dental hygienist.

To minimize the risk of complications it is necessary to ensure teeth cleanness and for this purpose it is advisable to visit a doctor at least once in three months.

Our highly professional Periodontal Disease Specialists provide complex treatment of Periodontal Disease, specifically:

* computer diagnostics with Florida Probe system;

* diagnosis and prognosis for each tooth;

* providing treatment and dispensary care upon treatment completion.

Periodontal disease treatment envisions both inflammation site treatment and complete removal of pathological microflora accumulated on the teeth and gums as well as eradication of its cause.

For this purpose we use in our clinic the state of the art equipment, ultrasound tools and effective medications.

Experience and professional skills of our doctors are of great importance too.

We also use additional methods to treat the patients with periodontal disease, such as:

* laser therapy – as alternative method of antibiotics treatment;

* vector therapy – that allows the doctors to process the tissues damaged by the infection at the micro level and get fast tissue recovery;

* Plasmolifting – as the method that stimulates regeneration and recovery processes.

DENTIST&CO is open for all customers. Our experienced professionals will provide for you a qualified consultation, explain how to remove dental plaque.

They know how to deal with children, will thoroughly examine the patients and provide recommendations on the further dental and oral care and treatment.

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