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Dental therapy (root canals filling, therapeutic treatment of caries, remineralization therapy)

It is no secret that some people are afraid of dentists and almost no one considers dental treatment and root canals filling to be pleasant, especially when the first sensations are associated with painful feelings.

However, modern technologies and medicines provide the maximum anesthesia during the procedures and our regular patients have already felt that at their visits.

Highly professional and experienced specialists work at Dentistry and Esthetic Center "Dentist&Co”.

It is fitted with modern equipment and the latest generation materials are used there.

That allows us to handle any dental problem, prevent or treat:

- caries, pulpitis, periodontitis;

- non-carious lesions – abrasion of teeth, wedge-shaped defect, teeth erosion, tissue lesions, hypersensitivity or damages of teeth;

- oral mucosal diseases;

- periodontal diseases.

Moreover, we offer all types of teeth restoration methods, including aesthetic restoration.

You should remember that therapeutic treatment of caries at the initial stage can help prevent complications and subsequent loss of teeth.

That's why, do not postpone your visit to a dentist until your health is in critical condition, make a rule to visit this specialist regularly.

As for us, we will remind you not to forget about your scheduled appointment.


Don't wait until your toothache is unbearable to visit a dentist.

Consequences of such careless attitude can be extremely unpleasant.

Fractures or darkening of enamel, painful sensations in teeth when exposed to hot and cold, carious cavities are the symptoms that require an immediate response.

Otherwise, they may progress to caries – enamel demineralization and disintegration of hard dental tissue.

This disease may be caused by individual peculiarities, nourishment, bad habits.

Stages of caries progression:

- appearance of a small spot;

- formation of cavity on enamel;

- dentin decay;

- deep cavity formation, that doesn't affect pulp of the tooth for some time.

If you neglect the problem, pulpitis (pulp inflammation) arises.

Endodontics – root canals filling may be needed as well in case of the advanced disease.

This procedure can be easily avoided if oral cavity treatment has been started at the initial stage of the disease.

Spots on the surface of a tooth or in interdental spaces, especially on the upper molar teeth, are quite difficult to detect by yourself.

That's why, the dentists of "Dentist&Co" have high-precision equipment at their disposal for this purpose.

A powerful microscope will show the most concealed enamel defects on screen, helping in detection of caries and its treatment without complex procedures.

At the initial and middle stages a tooth can be treated and filled.

Safety and painlessness of this procedure are obtained thanks to the innovative STA computer assisted anesthesia system, used in our clinic.

Patient is smoothly injected with anesthetic agent, that doesn't cause uncomfortable numbness of tongue and lips during the procedure and for some time after it.

Remineralization therapy is also widely used at our clinic.

In dentistry it is represented by remedial technique, which normalizes mineral composition of enamel.

Pulpitis, periodontitis, parodontitis: painless treatment

Pulpitis, or inflammation of the dental pulp, is a consequence of advanced caries.

It's characterized by a severe toothache, acute reaction to hot or cold.

Edema, caused by inflammation, puts pressure on numerous neural endings and vessels, located in the pulp, that provokes both nagging and sharp pain even when pressing on a tooth.

Complications of untreated pulpitis arise in tissues that surround a tooth.

They are getting inflamed and the disease progresses to its next more complicated form – periodontitis.

Do not self-medicate, only a dentist can make the correct diagnosis.

If there are no complications "Dentist&Co" specialists will:

- cleanse the damaged part of dentin, remove dental pulp in root canal;

- disinfect canal by means of ultrasound and physiotherapeutic techniques;

- widen canal, carry out anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial procedures;

- eliminate inflammatory processes in the jaw with the use of resorbable anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial pastes;

- fill root canals with preheated gutta-percha and restore a tooth;

- use remineralization therapy to remove micro-defects of enamel and to strengthen it.

It's important!

In spite of the well known algorithm of treatment it should be performed by an experienced specialist in endodontics.

At "Dentist&Co" center we have at our disposal the most effective medicines, as well as exclusive equipment, including a powerful dental surgical microscope.

All of that allow us to treat different forms of pulpitis, periodontitis to the fullest extent possible and in an effective way in accordance with the international treatment protocols.

The whole process of treatment is conducted using x-ray control (visiograph, computed tomography).

Don't forget to visit your dentist twice a year because therapeutic treatment of caries is much more easier and cheaper than dental surgery.

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